Text The Romance Back

Text The Romance Back Examples
Below are a few text the romance examples you can send right now to your significant others to light a fire. Some are more risque than others, but all are effective in building a connection, something unique between the two of you that only enhances your bond.

“I can’t stop thinking about how you ____________me last night. I confess I am touching myself thinking about it”.

You looked so delicious this morning when you were ___________.

Thinking about doing to you what you did to me last night.

I forgot what you taste like.

I am touching myself thinking about you.

I appreciate you for doing _____________for me yesterday.

That was so sweet of you to ______________.

The three A’s I call them. Appreciation, acceptance and affection. These are things men want and crave from women. When you send a text ask yourself are you conveying one of the three A’s to your man.
Text Messages to Make Him Feel Good
Face it, men fall in love because of the way you make them feel. Men need what I call the three A’s to feel good. They need to be appreciated, accepted and they crave affection. If this is the case, then why not use texting as a tool to create triggers in men to these feelings. It only makes sense. Be creative when you text him and keep these three A’s in your mind.

Men want romance, but the macho side of them often keeps them held back. You can send texts that can make a man feel safe. When he feels safe, he feels he has permission to be more romantic or even mushy because you have shown him you accept him.

Please note here if you are just beginning to date a man, use caution with these texts, they can back fire if used incorrectly and push him away. You don’t want to come across as a pleaser or too accommodating or needy.

An example of one of these texts is pretty simple. Lets say you had a great night last night if you know what I mean. Simply text him mid day with something like this “You were amazing last night”. This tells him that he made you happy and men love to make women happy. It also shows appreciation. You can be very specific in this also. Tell him exactly what he did that was so amazing. Positive reinforcement. Works like a charm.

I am not saying to text him empty compliments, be sincere but be creative. Don’t waste your text messages on things like “How is your day?”. This does not create a trigger that makes him feel good. You want him to associate your texts with feeling good. Triggers, it’s all about triggers. If you text him mundane things and he is busy at work, he may resent your text on a subconscious level.

So before you hit the send button, ask yourself if you are making him feel appreciated and good. Are you making him smile. Or you recreating memories. This will help bond a man to you.

If you want to perfect this art of texting a man to increase passion and romance, Michael has a great program called Text the Romance Back. It’s worth checking into.

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