What To Text A Guy To Get His Attention: 4 Text Messages To Get Your Guy’s Sensations Running Wild

If until now you are in pursuit of the guy you like by simply sitting down and waiting for him to make the first move because you are clueless about what to text a guy to get his attention, then you definitely have a big problem. You do not have to buy books to guide you on how to get the attention of the guy you like. All you will need to do is follow these 5 simple text messages that you will see here in order to once and for all learn about what to text a guy to get his attention:

1. Hi! I am watching a movie (name a title) and if you watch it, you will laugh at how the girl crossed her legs without any underwear on?

Tease the guy you like with dirty or sexy messages. This is very important if you are really bent on making the guy you like notice you and at the same time, make him think about you non-stop. By sending him some sweet but nasty messages, you can be sure that you will never slip out of his mind. As a matter of fact, you can be assured that even in his sleep or in the bathroom when he takes a shower, you will always be on top of his mind.

2. Hi, I’m reading (name title)? It’s so sweet how they made love on the dining table just when the husband and the kids are away? Have you read it?

Yes, you can try sharing with him a sexy part about the book you are reading.

The vivid images you are implanting in his head can rouse some deeps sensations in him that will make him long for you as he thinks about it. Just do not overdo it or you might send him the wrong signals that you are out for a one-night stand with him that night you text him that.

3. Share a secret.

Or simply share a secret with him like how your classmates would kiss at the back of the room when the teacher is not around. This would likewise send tingling sensations that you are sharing such kinds of jokes or secrets to him especially that you are houses apart. You can be sure that you will always be in his mind after you send him such text messages.

4. Hi, Trisha! Did you know I just bought two pairs of sexy black underwear?

You may also pretend to text a message not intended for him but to another girl friend. There is no doubt that a text message as sexy as this can send any man to fantasize about you while clad in nothing else but your newly bought pair of sexy black panties. Just make sure that you use a name close to his so it will really appear like you have truly accidentally pressed the wrong name.

Follow all these four what to text a guy to get his attention tips and blips and there is no doubt that you will be in seventh heaven in no time!

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