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You met the love of your life. (Again)

Time to text. But what?

"How are you?"

"Nice to meet you?"

Yes, show them you have the personality of a Kansas zip code.

You start typing and ...BRAIN FART! You can't think of anything clever! You're as nervous as Paris Hilton on Jeopardy. You're shaking like a martini. You get "texter's block." You don't know what to do.


But what if you did know how to text a guy? What if you knew exactly how to start a string of flirty text messages or to respond to them?


What you need is a plan.

A blueprint.
A step-by-step guide.
Something that helps you come up with witty, sexy text messages that make you irresistible to guys.

It's A Collection Of Pre-Written Texts
That'll Get You Noticed.

Never Run Out of Flirty Text Message Ideas

Get Ideas To Come Up With Your Own Flirty Texts

Learn How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text



Use our flirty text message collection of pre-written texts-- they'll spark attraction, build rapport, and result in getting asked out.

This isn't a "Tips For Texting Guys" eBook (though there is a bonus report showing you how). It's a catalogue of funny, pre-written text messages that you can copy/paste/send OR use as an idea generator for your own flirty texts. Get a load of the features:

  • Hand-picked by our team of writers & researchers
  • No Cliches. No Lame Poems. No Pickup Lines
  • Categorized By 19 Dating Circumstances

9 Step Method

How To Text Guys Example #1:

Your objective: Play it up. Sample flirty text:

You: STOP.

Likely reply: Stop what?

Stop thinking about me. See, you're doing it...right now.


How To Text A Man Example #2:

Objective: Engage him in a mock argument. Sample Flirty Text:

You: My dog is cuter than your dog.


Ideas For Texting Guys Example #3

Objective: Be Confident Funny. Sample Flirty Text:

You: (send blank text).

Likely reply: Why did you send me a blank text?

You: Babe, you don't have to come up with excuses to talk to me.


How To Text Guys Example #4:

Objective: Tantalize Him With A Case Of Mistaken Identity. Sample Text To A Guy:

You: You would NOT believe what happened to me last night!

Likely reply: What?

You: Oh, crap! Wrong person!


How To Text A Guy Example #5:

Objective: Ask him a fun, clever question. Sample Text Message Idea:

You: Tell me five things about you, four of them true.



The Flirty Text Message Helper isn't just for the first text you send someone. It's for every phase of a relationship.

It's for keeping things going in the right direction.

It's for warming the path to a phone call. Or a date. It's to add pizazz to a blooming relationship.

But mostly, it's to make the person on the other end SMILE.

That's why we've got a virtual catalog of witty thoughts for texting a guy you like. You'll never run out of clever things to say with our flirty text message collection because you'll get:

A. Monthly updates by our team of writers and researchers
B. Nineteen dating situations for fast access (from first meeting him to being in a relationship)
C. Quality over quantity. Only the wittiest texts get included.

Instant Access


Your Order Includes:






Bonus #1: Monthly Updates. Our team of writers and researchers write and discover original texts so you'll always be kept up to date (via email)







Bonus #2: The Four Thumbs Texting Technique Guide. Filled with tips for texting guys. Actually, RULES for texting guys. If you don't know how to flirt with text messages (or you want to improve) don't miss this eReport!







Bonus #3: Compilation Of The Most Creative Emoticons. Forget the over-used ones like: :>) Try new ones like: \^o^/ Remember the #1 rule of texting a guy you like: Make him laugh!




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Ask yourself:

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"Are my flirt texts resulting in dates?"

"Don't I need new text message ideas?"


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Awesome Now Meet The Author

Mike AlvearI'm Mike Alvear. I co-hosted HBO's The Sex Inspectors, blog for The Huffington Post and authored three mainstream-published books, including the gay relationship advice book, Men Are Pigs But We Love Bacon. Yes, you read that correctly-- I'm gay.


In fact, the producers of The Sex Inspectors sought me out in part because I'm gay. They wanted a different perspective on heterosexual romance. In the screen test they asked me what I thought of women faking their orgasms. I said, "That doesn't impress me. Men fake whole relationships." They signed me on the spot.


So, these "how to text guys/how to flirt on Facebook" guides were written out of my experiences on the TV show (it aired internationally). I noticed that while women were better texters than men (and certainly better flirts), they often sent gushy cliches or the kind of lame phrases that made guys roll their eyes.


Take it from a gay guy--the way to your crush's heart is through his funny bone. Guys LOVE women who can make them laugh. Look at any survey done on what men want in women and humor tops the chart (after a long list of T&A attributes of course!).


If he has your phone number he's interested at some level. Don't blow it with lame texts or emails. Learn how to text a guy in a way that turns interest into a date. Try the techniques in my eBook and if you're not happy with the results I will personally issue a refund. That's my promise to you.


All the best, Mike Alvear


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Excellent! Imagine how confident you'll feel about snagging a date now that you have the best resources for texting a guy or for flirting on Facebook and email. No more scratching your head wondering what to text, no more brain farts or drawing blanks. Just crack open the ebooks and use what's there or use what's there to spark your own ideas.

Take a look at the feedback from my readers:

I've always thought of myself as a clever person so at first I was a little reticent about buying The Flirty Text Message Helper, cuz I thought, "What am i going to do, look something up for every text I send?" But a funny thing happened on the way to reading your collection–your text messages sparked insanely good ideas in me. So thank you, not so much for your texts (haha) but the creative fire they lit in me. Cheers!
- Sara Amdahl, 25, Seattle

"I rarely start a text with a guy but I go through the same nervousness–I mean, how do you keep the conversation going, right? Well, your three eBooks REALLY helped. If I ever run out of ideas I just crack open your collection and get some ideas. And your Facebook flirting strategies? AMAZING. I can't tell you how many men I've met through your advice. In fact, I've canceled my dating site memberships! Thank you!"
-Lizbeth, 42 New York

Dear Flirty Text Message Helper,
"I'm one of those women who REALLY thinks about what she's going to text, so your collection is perfect for me. At first, I was afraid I was going to over-use them, but then your monthly updates kicked in and now it seems I never send out the same text twice."
-Mary, 30, Chula Vista, CA

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1. How do you decide which text messages go into the Flirty Text Message Helper?
We're allergic to cliches, rhymes, poems and cheesy pickup lines. Therefore, we won't include a text if it:

  1. Makes our eyes roll
  2. Evokes the sound of nails on a chalkboard
  3. Makes us long for a shot of insulin
  4. Reads like a passage from a flowery, Victorian novel

In Other Words, it must:

A. Make us smile or laugh
B. Make us want to know more about the woman who sent it
C. Make us think, "Tonight just got more interesting!"

2. Where do you get your funny text messages from?
We write our own, scour the web and steal our best friends' text messages. Then we actually test them on real, live guys. As opposed to the dead ones. They're not a talkative bunch.

3. How many texts are in the Flirty Text Message Helper collection?
We've hand-picked 320 texts across 19 dating situations. Our collection will grow every month through updates we send via email. Why don't we include more? BECAUSE MOST TEXTS SUCK and our pride will not allow us to include sucky, douchy texts.

4. What are the dating categories?
We've got over 19 classifications, so you can quickly zip into the most relevant texts for your particular situation:

1. You Don't Know How Interested They Are So You Want To Start Slow
2. You Know They're Interested So You Want To Be Flirty
3. You want to make them laugh.
4. Cute Ways Of Saying Hello After You've Texted a Couple of Times
5. Cute Ways of Saying Goodbye
6. Clever Questions That Make You More Interesting For Asking.
7. You Want To Play Hard To Get (Cocky Funny)
8. "Unclogger" Texts: Getting Him Or Her To Text You Back
9. Clever Questions To Ask When You Don't Know How To Start A New Thread
10. You Want To Be Seen As Fun & Wacky
11. You Want To Be Seen As A Partier
12. Teasing: Taking The Hot Girl Or Guy Down A Peg Or Two
13. Insults: Mowing Down The Hot Girl Or Guy
14. You Want To Step It Up To A Phone Call
15. Dirty Flirty: You've had sex
16. Filthy Dirty: Texts That Would Scare Your Mom
17. You're falling in love
18. You screwed up
19. Fun Phrases

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If you've looked online for ideas on how to text a man or even how to send sexy text messages, you know the sheer volume will make you go cross-eyed. And the cheesiness will make you reach for the Rolaids.


Do you really have the time-or the stomach-to go through all those websites and pick out the gems?


We do. Our team of writers and researchers either find or create the winning texts you'll see in The Flirty Text Message Helper. Why spend days online when you can get the best in a click of a button? (And get monthly updates!)

Order Flirty Text Helper $9.99            Order 3-ebook package $19.99


P.S. -The Flirty Text Message Helper is a collection of pre-written flirty texts you can send to the guy you're interested in. Written or hand-picked by our team of writers and researchers and classified by dating circumstance, you'll never run out of clever things to say! We emphasize quality over quantity–only the wittiest texts get included. Learn how to text guys and turn initial interest into a date! Remember, it's not sold in bookstores. You can only get it here!



Sending Flirty Texts Will Never Be The Same!


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